Electric Monkey 1 Liter Bottles

Electric Monkey 1 Liter Bottles


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Electric Monkey WILD ENERGY 1 LITER RE-SEALABLE PET BOTTLE (12/case) Our 1L re-sealable PET Bottle is created primarily for the BAR industry as well as those having parties at home that are tired of cans going flat or buying pricey 4-packs of cans. Equivalent to a 4-pack of 8.4oz cans re-sealable will keep carbonation for 72 hours once opened and closed firmly and is roughly half the cost. If you are having a house party, pairing with your favorite liquor at the local package store or heading out on the lake, this bottle is perfect to quench your thirst and fuel your adventure. • Made In America • Made with Real Sugar Cane • No Medicinal Aftertaste Resealable

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