Electric Monkey 16oz Cran/Grape
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Electric Monkey 16oz Cran/Grape

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Electric Monkey WILD CRAN-GRAPE 16 oz (24/case) An amazing blend of 30% real juice and guarana that stimulates your taste buds as soon as you drink it. An effervescent blend of juices lets the tartness of Cranberry juice and sweetness of Grape juice surprise you with their freshness. With substantially MORE juice than “Juices” in the grocery/convenience store fridge, you will be blown away. We win ALL taste tests vs all competitors that use anywhere from ZERO to 10% juice.

The natural sugars from real juice as well the coffee seed extract(guarana) instead of taurine make this a great alternative to those who traditionally don’t drink energy drinks. Everyone who tries it for the first time is shocked at the freshness and immediately smiles. We always hear, “wow…that IS good! I wasn’t expecting that taste from an energy drink!”

  • Made In America
  • 30% Real Juice
  • Made with Real Sugar Cane
  • Uses Guarana for Caffeine (Green Coffee Bean Extract)

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